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Welcome to Distant Light Learning! Distant Light Learning is a full-service training development consulting company located in Calgary, Alberta - specializing in building e-learning, mobile learning, classrom facilitation, game-based learning, workplace guides, skills coaching materials and training assessment solutions. (...Better, faster, cheaper!)
Distant Light Learning brings 18 years of experience in
			training development for corporate and post-secondary education at all levels. Current clients include large telecommunication corporations, insurance providers and major banking concerns throughout Southern Alberta. DLL can conduct a full front-end analysis for any training goal - including needs assessment, learner profile, task sequencing and full instructional design process - to ensure the end result is a success for you, your team and the company’s bottom line. Whether the desired outcome is face-to-face training, e-learning, mobile solutions or a combination of different products, DLL works closely with clients throughout the project timeline to keep you informed and comfortable at every stage. No matter how big or small the project, DLL can work with you and your team to find the best possible training solutions.
What can Distant Light Learning do for you? 
			Click on each option below to review some typical examples of what products and services DLL can provide to you and your organization, but they are just that - examples. You may have something completely different in mind for your company’s current training needs, and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you to address them. DLL stands behind the work and will do everything possible to ensure client satisfaction and long-term sustainability in every training solution created. (Did we mention: Better, faster, cheaper?) For a free consultation, or to find out if DLL can help you with your current training needs, contact info@distantlight.ca.


Quick Reference Guides

Distant Light Quick Reference Guides

These instructional reference guides typically consist of core content structured to effectively support specific job functions, as job aids or process manuals. Through content analysis and instructional organization, QRG's can promote high impact knowledge transfer to the audience. This represents the quickest possible training support solution, often employed when businesses need immediate training intervention.

Approximate Development Timeline: 1 week


Facilitator Training (F2F)

Distant Light F2F Learning

Traditional instructional interventions led by a facilitator in a face-to-face (F2F) setting. Products created for this solution will typically include core course content, facilitator guides, PPT presentation files, participant workbooks, learner assessments and activities. Classroom training solutions are best utilized when large groups must be taught the same concepts at the same time or the task difficulty requires hands-on training. The subjects usually require face-to-face interactions, expert observation, culture building, team building, networking, business problem solving or materials to be presented by an instructor or facilitator.

Approximate Development Timeline: 4 weeks / hr


e-Learning Modules

Distant Light e-Learning

Level 1 - e-learning modules primarily consist of the presentation of simple text and narration with no, or very little, interaction. This is the quickest e-learning solution possible. Other forms of e-learning 1 can include online information via website or online reference materials. While simplistic, this solution allows distribution of basic concepts, policies, procedures and corporate information to a widely dispersed audience over an extended period of time.

Level 2 - The most common form of self-directed e-learning solution. Level 2 e-learning typically consists of information, narration and interaction with content. Can also include practical application in the form of puzzles, learning activities, and quizzes. Level 2 is best suited to convey simple to medium complexity concepts.

Level 3 - Advanced e-learning solutions that typically incorporate advanced delivery methods and learner assessments. Will often include simulations and games for learner knowledge demonstration. Best suited for complex concepts and interactive business requirements such as skill development. Level 3 modules may also include embedded media content such as video or podcasts.

Approximate Development Timeline: LV1 - 2 wks   |   LV2 - 6 wks   |   LV3 - 12 wks


Mobile Learning

Distant Light m-Learning

These self-contained cross-platform modules can be accessed by the learner through traditional computer or any personal mobile device - making them available on-demand anytime, anywhere. DLL can create advanced cross-platform mobile learning modules that will transform and adapt to fit any PC or mobile device while still being tracked through your company’s Learning Management System (LMS).

Approximate Development Timeline: 6 - 8 weeks / hr


Blended Learning

Distant Light Blended Learning

Blended instructional solutions typically consist of classroom and basic e-learning, but can include elements like mobile learning, virtual webinars and practical workshops. Blending different learning environments maximizes the advantages of multiple different forms of learning delivery. Development time determined by the complexity of blend and design. Products developed for this solution will typically include facilitator guides, course content, assessments and activities. May also include simple e-learning modules and video content. This type of training intervention solution can be the most challenging to estimate a timeline.

Contact DLL for more specific timelines and pricing.

Approximate Development Timeline: TBA / hr


On-Site Consulting

Distant Light Learning also provides on-site consulting services to assess your organizational needs and support implementation of new learning solutions in your company. Contact us for more details at info@distantlight.ca.

Approximate Cost: $120.00 (CAN) per hour

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For a free consultation, or to find out if DLL can help you meet your specific training needs, contact info@distantlight.ca.